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Do you have a family law issue such as divorce or child custody and are unsure if you should retain an experienced attorney to guide you through the process? Our clients have consistently mentioned one of the most valuable services we provide is a free initial consultation.

The goal for our initial consultation is two-fold, it allows us to learn about a assess your unique situation while allowing you to get to know us and ask questions. The time also allows us to provide you with insights on the legal process what will likely arise in the future with your case.

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Consultation Process

When you contact our office to schedule your free initial consultation, we will first ask you a series of questions to ensure there are no conflicts of interest. We will then provide you with an intake form to complete it online prior to your consultation.

If you would rather fill out a hard copy of the form, we ask you to plan to arrive to the consultation at least 30 minutes early. Having the form filled out before the consultation helps streamline the consult and efficiently address your questions within the allotted time.

Once we have met with you, answered your questions, and learned about the specifics of your case we will begin to create an estimate of costs for your legal representation. Just as no two cases are alike, the legal fees will vary from client to client depending on the specific factors surrounding your situation.

We understand that possible variables may arise which can affect the needs and costs of your representation; however, we do our best to make an honest effort to provide you with the most accurate quote possible. Our goal is for you to have a solid understanding of the legal process and your options.

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