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Your family law situation is deeply personal and stressful. It is likely the most difficult legal matter you will ever face. Our high-functioning team of family law attorneys and professionals understand this and are committed to helping you move confidently into your future despite uncertain times. You deserve a seasoned family law attorney who can guide you through the process and achieve your desired outcome.

Choosing the right family law firm has a major impact on the outcome of your case. Our team has amassed an impressive record of success on behalf of countless clients and families dealing with family law disputes. We use a strategy-driven approach to resolution and are expert tacticians. A dynamic, formidable settlement, litigation and trial team, we are able to deliver successful outcomes for our clients in extremely challenging circumstances because we are relentless in pursuing our clients’ goals.

Proven Family Law Strategies and Processes

Thoughtful Representation

We have great respect for the trust our clients place in us at a difficult and challenging time in their lives. We are skilled problem-solvers and tenacious in our efforts to achieve a positive outcome.

Individual Attention

We care deeply about your family. We focus on each person’s goals and personal needs. Clients trust our clear communication and our high-integrity approach to family law matters on every aspect of their case.

Realistic & Cost-Effective

Your options will be clearly defined to provide you with realistic expectations as to the time and investment needed to address and resolve all of the issues at hand.

Conflict Resolution

We are experienced negotiators and powerful advocates on behalf of our clients. We will work to keep your case out a courtroom but have seasoned trial experience if needed.

I trust Kim’s experience!

“I trust Kim’s experience! Kim has been helping me through my child custody case. Kim has been great to me. She tells me exactly what needs to be done and I trust her experience. She answers all my questions and gives me clear answers. She has also been very patient which I appreciate…” ~ Avvo

Know Your Child Support Rights!

Family Law Areas of Expertise

Knowing how to protect your rights and safety when domestic violence has or is occurring in your home is vital to your case. We work with you to understand all the facts of your case to create a strategy that will not only present a strong case but also protect your rights and safety.

Child Custody can be an emotional experience for not only the parents but the children as well. Having a firm understanding of the many different factors the California Family Courts look for when determining custody of minors gives you a solid foundation for developing your case.

Child support comes from the belief that every child has the right to be financially supported by both parents when possible. While California Family Courts generally follow a guideline for determining the amount of support a parent must pay, there are many factors which can affect the court’s decision. We have represented clients just like you to present a strong case for why support should be awarded or to challenge unfair support orders.

Marriages in crisis command thoughtful, insightful guidance to reach a resolution. Every matter we handle is unique relative to the individuals involved pertinent to their personalities, lifestyles, family situation, and the complexity of the issues involved.

Taking a multi-dimensional approach, we work diligently to apprise our clients of all the options available to them and pursue whatever avenues necessary to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

Counties We Serve

San Francisco County; San Mateo County; Marin County; Alameda County; Santa Clara County; Contra Costa County; Sonoma County; Napa County; Sacramento County; Yolo County; Placer County; El Dorado County.

We Excel in Complex Family Law Cases

While there are occasions in family law when a divorce can be handled simply, our attorneys specialize in high net worth and complex family law matters. With expertise in forensic accounting, business and tax issues, equity compensation, foreign business organizations, international custody, domestic violence, and cases that hinge on medical factors, we are well-equipped to handle the most contentious of issues. Our family law attorneys bring a strategic approach to family law cases and have extensive trial experience, amassing an impressive record of success.

8.7Kimberly Elizabeth Lewellen
Kimberly E. Lewellen
Rated by Super Lawyers

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Michael R. Strebe
Rated by Super Lawyers

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7.9Michael R Strebe
  • She is smart, driven, strategic, knowledgeable, prepared, detail oriented and fast. She is aggressive when she needs to be and fair and compassionate when needed. She is also very responsive, very involved and passionate about success. She is a fantastic advocate to have on your side in a complex situation.

    I had a long tough divorce that took over 5 years to resolve. I had a difficult financial situation with a business...
    read more

  • Smart, upfront, and a brilliant attorney! I hired Kim a few months after a default judgment relating to falsified and distorted claims filed by my ex-girlfriend in response to a longstanding dispute.

    After a muddling breakup, my ex-girlfriend refused to acknowledge our agreed-upon arrangement of property. To quash my claims, she filed various inflammatory accounts of abuse hundreds of miles from my feasible vicinity. On my...
    read more

  • An attorney who truly cares! Kimberly is excellent at her chosen craft: Family Law. She truly cares about her clients, because she listens carefully and then with her client's permission, she leverages years of practical experience litigating and advocating for her clients. She is a consummate professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking an attorney who truly cares and has a... read more

  • I trust Kim's experience! Kim has been helping me through my child custody case. Kim has been great to me. She tells me exactly what needs to be done and I trust her experience. She answers all my questions and gives me clear answers. She has also been very patient which I appreciate. My case is still ongoing but so far she has helped... read more

  • Determined on Behalf of Her Clients In 2014, in the midst of a tough divorce and international separation from my children, I had the fortune of meeting with and retaining the services of Kimberly Lewellen. Kimberly quickly helped me understand the issues that lay ahead for a single Father who is seeking shared custody. As this is an uphill challenge for Fathers, I deeply appreciated Kimberly's... read more

  • On Point Kimberly is an excellent attorney. Throughout my volatile and often emotional mediation process, Kimberly remained diligent and professional. She was prepared, direct and assertive. Her knowledge, experience and proven credibility was invaluable toward reaching a good outcome. Kimberly brought a rational perspective to an often irrational negotiation. I appreciate her counsel and leadership.

  • Saved my startup amidst a divorce storm! Kim took my case from day one with all the facts in mind and worked toward my end goal with their CPAs and team members. She fought hard to get me the settlement I needed to continue to run the business I founded during my marriage. If you are looking for a key partner to help you navigate the murky... read more

  • Child Custody can be tough – But with the right attorney, you can persevere. The synopsis: I had hired my first lawyer through reference and it was not good. Upset and demoralized, a friend recommended Michael to me. To my surprise, I quickly received a response and was on the phone with Michael. It was a sign of his professionalism and things to come. In short time, Michael became an expert in my case... read more

  • Excellence Michael was a huge help to me with my case. He and his team were always available to answer any questions I had. They had me completely prepared for my case. I would highly recommend Michael and Cordell & Cordell to anyone.

  • Very Good Attorney Michael has been extremely diligent in his efforts to finally close a Divorce case for me that has been ongoing since 2012. He has been excellent at communication with me even when I am exasperated by this process. A far better attorney than I have had in the past and I wish I had him at the beginning of this... read more

  • Very Sharp Without getting into detail about my case, I'd just like to say that Michael dug me out of a pretty deep hole. His preparation, craft and determination enabled me to prevail. Thanks to him, my family and children can live a much better life.

  • Compassionate and professional Michael is an interesting blend of dry humor, and traditional common sense. You get a sense that he's been in the situation you're currently in hundreds of times, and can navigate you towards the best situation. In my case, Michael was unfortunately dealt a bad hand, as the lawyer prior to him made my case incredibly more difficult and expensive... read more

  • Guardian Angel and Attorney in one I had 2 consults with Michael and several phone calls in between those 2 consults. He showed me the utmost competence, professionalism and compassion of any attorney I have ever met. It was clear that he was more interested than doing what's right for me than what might just be good for business. Even though I haven't retained him yet,... read more

  • Great representation!! Michael Strebe represented me in a recent spousal support hearing and his representation was stellar. I had been raked over the coals by my ex until I hired Michael. He was ALWAYS available whenever I called and he gave a piece of mind I hadn't known during the entire divorce. (5yrs)I used to think I couldn't afford and attorney, after... read more

  • Excellent attorney - highly recommend I turned to Michael Strebe because I was unhappy with my previous lawyer in a dissolution matter. What a pleasant surprise! Michael was knowledgeable, highly effective and always kept in mind my best interest. He maintatined just the right amount of communication, keeping me properly informed while, at the same time, shielding me from all the drama the other party... read more


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With the proper information, strategies, and facilitation, people in conflict can take control of their lives and resolve their disputes with dignity. Kimberly Lewellen and Michael Strebe founded Lewellen | Strebe Family Law Firm based on this core principle. Our commitment to professionalism, civility, and open communication allows us to build relationships based on trust and integrity, and to provide our clients with the highest level of service. We are committed to the highest standards of professional practice in our profession.

When you partner with Lewellen | Strebe, you can rest assured Michael and Kimberley will always be directly involved every step of the process. We take your trust in our firm seriously and work hard every day to earn your trust.

A photo of Family Law Attorney and Mediator Kimberley Lewellen from the Lewellen | Strebe Family Law Firm in San Francisco

Attorney Kimberly Lewellen

California Board Certified Family Law Specialist, Mediator, Shareholder

A Certified Family Law Specialist with the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization, Kimberly prides herself on being a powerful advocate in the conference room and the courtroom. She understands that every client’s story and needs are unique and require a strategy just as unique.

Kimberly has developed a reputation for thinking outside the box for her clients while employing a direct and no-nonsense approach to cases. This successful approach has resulted in favorable outcomes for countless clients.

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Michael Strebe Family Attorney standing on court steps

Attorney Michael R. Strebe

Esq., Shareholder

Starting his career as a criminal defense attorney, Michael quickly amassed an impressive record as a trial attorney. His experience in the courtroom provided Michael with a unique insight of when to seek a favorable outcome in the courtroom and when negotiating a fair resolution outside is in the best interest.

In family court Michael understands the importance of understanding the wisdom of a negotiated resolution where both parties take ownership of the process and outcomes—but has the instinct to understand when that outcome is not possible.

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Jason Hopper Family Attorney standing on court steps

Attorney Jason Hopper

Esq |Shareholder

Jason Hopper’s career as a domestic relations attorney has been centered on three main goals: achieve great results for clients in court, make the client’s experience as pleasant as is feasible, and to build and maintain great legal teams and operations to deliver those results.

Jason has ample experience in all stages of family law litigation from initial negotiations and temporary hearings to and through trial, and appeal. Jason is a licensed member of the California Bar, the Indiana Bar, and the United States Supreme Court Bar and has practiced domestic relations throughout his career.

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