Legal Representation

Tenacious, passionate representation

In a court proceeding, Lewellen | Strebe skillfully advocates for your rights, offering a range of legal services to deliver the very best outcome possible

Full Service Representation

Whether you are attempting to negotiate an amicable resolution or involved in a highly contested divorce, we can provide full representation so that you can focus entirely on you and your family’s emotional and financial health.

We also provide you with consultation representation if you are in mediation or settlement talks.

Limited Scope Representation or Unbundled Services

Limited scope representation (i.e. “Unbundling”) is when the lawyer handles certain parts of a case, and then you handle the others. This is different from the traditional model where a lawyer is hired to provide legal services on all aspects of the case from beginning to end.

Here are some examples of limited scope arrangements:

  • You hire the lawyer to represent you on child support while you handle child custody.
  • You hire the lawyer to conduct discovery and you handle motion hearings, pleadings, settlement negotiations, and trial.Request for attorney’s fees and costs
  • so that you can hire an attorney on a full-service basis.
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Request for modification of custody
  • Request for modification of child and/or spousal support
  • Request for set aside of judgment or order
  • Enforcement of a marital settlement agreement or memorandum of understanding
  • Developing a litigation strategy and discovery plan
  • Document processing (e.g. Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure, Petition, Income and Expense Declaration)

Limited scope representation can be a great way for you to obtain legal help. Courts approve of limited-scope representation because they want to encourage people to seek legal help to protect their rights and ensure that the issues are competently presented to the Court.

At the initial consult, we will discuss your budget and what areas you are able to handle yourself. We will assess your technical understanding to ensure this is the right decision. We have found it is essential to flesh out hidden complications so that you are comfortable moving forward on a limited scope basis.